Blue Dinosaur

Blue Dinosaur Snack Bar - Blueberry 45g


Hand-baked, plant based, grain free snacks made from only 5 real food ingredients.

With 13% of this bar being made from Australian blueberries, and a further 12% being made from Australian macadamia nuts, this bar doesn't taste like bubble-gum or soft drink, rather it is sweet, with a wholesome, earthy, blueberry flavour.

Plant based, grain free, gluten free, soy free, dairy free, preservative free. No added sugars or sweeteners. 

1 x 45g bar. 

Ingredients: Dates, Organic Coconut, Blueberry Powder (13%) (from 100% Blueberries), Macadamia Nuts, Organic Coconut Oi
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