Please understand we do our best to separate and pack all of our bulk products and orders separately, but due to the environment of our store, being a bulk wholefoods store, there is a risk that the food sold online and in store may have been packed in areas that contain allergens, and traces of allergens. 

This could be traces of allergens, including gluten, wheat (including rye, barley, spelt) peanuts, nuts, tree nuts, seeds, sesame seeds, soy beans, egg, bee products, dairy. These can be present in the form of granules, dust or air born particles. 

Where possible we do everything we can to minimise cross contamination, however this is not a guarantee.

For example, products listed as gluten free, or naturally gluten free, are made without ingredients containing gluten, however there is a risk of cross contamination from the supplier or from the environment of our store.