Provenir Diced Slow Cook Beef


Approximately 522g. 

On farm-processed, grass-fed, 100% Australian. 

Ingredients: 100% Australian beef

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Provenir was founded in 2017 on the belief that the best quality beef comes from livestock that are raised to the highest of welfare standards, right up to the very end.

Their solution is simple – highest welfare, mobile on-farm processing.  So, instead of the animal being transported to abattoir; the abattoir comes to the farm.

Eliminating unnecessary stress on livestock associated with live transport to the processors, their unique on-farm processing improves animal welfare and produces meat of exceptional quality, taste and tenderness.

The six star Provenir Promise is a guarantee to you: Highest welfare, processed on-farm, full traceability, grass-fed and free range, exceptional eating quality, and no added hormones, herd antibiotics or insensitive feedlots.

We get fresh deliveries every week, usually on a Monday or Tuesday.