Noosa Basics

Noosa Basics Roll On Deodorant Charcoal + Eucalyptus


This Noosa Basics Organic Roll On Deodorant in Charcoal & Eucalyptus contains organic tapioca starch and Australian kaolin clay to help absorb moisture while still allowing you to release toxins through sweat.

Formulated with soothing aloe vera and skin-nourishing sunflower oil, it also contains natural antibacterial, organic coconut oil, and organic bi-carb soda to instantly kill odour-causing bacteria to leave you feeling fresh.

Vegan + cruelty free. 

Ingredients: Aloe Vera Juice*, Sunflower Oil*, Virgin Coconut Oil*, Tapioca Starch*, Bi-Carb Soda*, Witch Hazel*, Kaolin Clay, Gluconolactone, Sodium benzoate, Xanthan Vegetable Gum, Activated Charcoal, Essential Oil Blend of Rosemary*, Eucalyptus*, Peppermint*, Tea Tree* and Coconut Scent*. *Certified Organic Ingredients
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