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Milk Chocolate Licorice Organic


A sweet and tasty combination of milk chocolate and traditional black licorice. Delicious, soft and chewy bite-sized logs of certified organic licorice are coated with smooth, creamy organic milk couverture chocolate. 

The licorice is made using real ground licorice root in combination with aniseed to create a bold and flavoursome treat! 

Ingredients: *Licorice (55%) (*molasses, *wheat flour, *sugar, *invert syrup, *licorice root powder, aniseed, natural vegetable colour), *milk chocolate (45%) (*rapadura whole cane sugar, *cristallino cane sugar, *cocoa butter, *whole milk powder, *cocoa mass, *soya lecithin, *vanilla bean powder) *Certified organic ingredients
Country of Origin: Made in Australia
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