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Laundry Powder Eucalyptus


This Simply Clean Eucalyptus laundry powder with build in stain remove is suitable for both front and top loaders.

It works well at all temperatures, is grey water and septic safe, eco-responsible and biodegradable.

Environmentally friendly laundry powder, no phosphates, enzymes or synthetic perfumes. 

Colour free, free of sensitisers, no animal testing or animal products.

Ingredients: Pure Australian eucalyptus oil, sodium carbonate (washing soda for cleaning), sodium percarbonate (oxygen stain remover), sodium citrate & polyacrylic acid (water softeners, stop whites going grey and maximise performance in soft & hard water), sodium metasilicate (mineral based, anti-corrosive agent to protect washing machine), sodium salt of alkylbenzenesulphonic acid (surfactant for cleaning), optical brightener (fully biodegradable, very low dose colour protector)
Country of Origin: Made in Australia
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