Coffee Time!

Apr 30, 2023Katherine Reynolds
Coffee Time!

We love our incredible suppliers. We love working with them closely, showing the Geelong community how awesome they are, and seeing how together we can reduce our waste and impact.

We've stocked Ocean Grind coffee since day one, and we call ourselves their number 1 fans!

Ocean Grind coffee is fresh, and high quality. Mark and his team have an incredible roastery in Torquay, where you can sit down with a coffee, or bring your own keep cup and grab one to go. They don't use single use coffee cups so if you forget yours, simply sit in or grab a mug from their mug library! Legends!

We have a return scheme in place with Ocean Grind, where they deliver us our 7kg tins of coffee beans, and when empty they collect them back from us and refill them. Doing little things like this make us so happy!

We stock both their coffee beans, and ground coffee, available in 225g bags + 500g bags, and we also sell the Shorebreak blend beans in bulk, so you can bring in your container or tin and refill, or reuse a previously bought bag.

Find all of these available for online shopping, too! Collect from store, or have it delivered to your doorstep. 

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