Kehoe's Kitchen

Kehoe's Kitchen Gherkin Probiotic Dip


Creamy, crunchy and tangy, this vegan dip/sauce/spread/dressing features delicious Kehoe’s Kitchen fermented Australian grown gherkins.

The wholefood plant-based cream cheese base is made from cashews, and the crunchy ‘dilly’ gherkin chunks are folded through it.  

Fermentation creates the delicious tangy flavour, but also preserves the dip naturally.  This dip/spread will keep for weeks even after opening.  So you will have no waste or pressure to use within a few days like other dips.

  • Fermented
  • Plant based 
  • Gluten free
  • Dairy free 
  • Sugar free 

250g glass jar. 

Ingredients: Kehoe’s fermented gherkins 45% (cucumber, filtered water, sea salt, garlic, dill & spices), raw cashews, onion, garlic & sea salt
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