Gevity Rx

Gevity Rx Sweet Guts Chocolate Coconut


Feed your gut, not your butt! At last a chocolate that's seriously goof for you!

Packed with gut boosting prebiotic fibre, Sweet Guts chocolate is a delicious sugar free treat that you can enjoy with no insulin spike and no guilt! 

65% cacao with shredded coconut. 

  • No added sugar
  • 14g fibre per serve 
  • Dairy free
  • Keto friendly 
  • Plant based 

Ingredients: Cacao (Min. 65%; Cacao Butter, Cacao Mass, Cacao Powder), Coconut Milk Powder, Chicory Root (Prebiotic Fibre), Inulin (Plant Based Prebiotic Fibre), Cassava Flour (Fibre), Shredded Coconut, Sea Salt, Natural Vanilla, Sunflower Lecithin, Monk Fruit

90g block. 

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