Brush It On

Brush It On Silicone Food Pouch - Small


Say goodbye to ziplock bags, glad wraps and other single-use plastics you might use to store food in your fridge and freezer. These small silicone food pouches offer the reusable alternative you've been looking for!

The pouches can take fresh or frozen fruit and chopped veggies, meat, leftovers, or just about any food, liquid or solid. The airtight seal helps keep your food fresh. They're leakproof and see-through so you always know what's inside.

Leakproof, dishwasher + microwave safe (up to 220°C). 

Size: 500ml

Seal colour: Green

Clean your pouch by rinsing it under warm soapy water or by laying it open in the dishwasher. 

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