Zeally Bay Sourdough

Zeally Bay Sourdough seriously provide us with the goods.

We are lucky enough to get a delivery of their fresh organic sourdough everyday! Zeally Bay Sourdough is handmade in Torquay with the best certified organic ingredients, and is made with such integrity.

We also stock Zeally Bay orange spice granola, both in packaging and in bulk, and also their delicious fruit and nut muesli in packaging and in bulk. Oh, and wait until Easter time and try their Easter Buns, you won't know what hit you!

You can always order sourdoughs in advance, by giving us a call or text, and collect them that day, or add them to your delivery order. We don't get every type of loaf in everyday, so if there is a specific one you know and love, just let us know!

(Photo by Jo from Wild Social)

Other loaves that you can order include Baguette, Olive and Rosemary, Fruit Loaf, Spelt Buckwheat and Polenta loaf, Stoneground Wholegrain, Hightop, Vollkorn, and Pizza Bases. 
Zeally Bay's GF friendly loaves are available too - GF Millet and Linseed, and GF Sprouted Lentil and Quinoa.

If you wish to order any of these breads we just need two days notice to add them to our daily order.