Store Changes due to COVID-19

The way Valerie's Pantry is operating has changed due to covid-19 and will continue to operate with limited numbers, even in 2021.

We had to make some changes to the store, in order to keep the business running sustainably, maintain our stock levels, to put in place social distancing, and to put the health and safety of our staff and the community first.

You can shop in store:

We are open Monday to Friday 9-5.30, Saturday 9-3, and Sunday 10-2.

Our floor space is very small, and very narrow, so to follow government guidelines we need to limit how many people can come into the store, which is 4 shoppers at one given time. We also have at least 3-5 staff on each day, as well as a constant flow of delivery drivers dropping off stock, so need to allow for this, too.

Where possible kindly ask for only 1 person per family/party in at a time.

We ask kindly to please do your best to come on your own.
We are trying to be as flexible as we can, please bear in mind this is purely to make it simpler and easier for us to get as many customers in and out as we can, and saves people having to queue for too long. If you arrive to the store and don't want to come in, or don't want to wait, we are more than happy to get any goods you need for you. We're like your drive thru wholefoods!

If you haven't shopped with us before, I'd recommend looking at our online shop to get an idea of what we have, so it's a little easier when you come in, or if you wish to place an order.

Even though our restrictions here in Victoria are constantly lifting + changing, we will still run the store with these customer limitations. We wish we could open the floodgates and have a big ol’ party at Vals, but we are sticking with our 4 customers only.

Our floor space hasn’t suddenly grown in size, unfortunately! This limitation allows us to keep up with our MASSIVE workload (packing orders, organising deliveries, meeting customers for click + collect and bag drop offs, texts + emails, restocking the shop, ordering more stock, cleaning, the list goes on).

Do you remember how crazy it used to get in here?! It was hectic. The feedback we’ve received is that people are happy to wait a couple of minutes outside and then enjoy the spacious, peaceful shopping inside. We are going above + beyond to please everyone and to ensure you can get your Valerie’s fix, so we can’t thank you enough for all of your patience + understanding!

Don't forget, you can still do click + collect:

If you wish to continue with click + collect where we pack your order for you, go for it!

Some people are finding it easier and much more convenient to still simply collect an order rather than shop themselves. We're happy to work with you, with whatever works best for you!

Shop online: Click here to shop online!

Text us: 0492 834 992

Call us: 5245 8656

Email us: info@valeriespantry.com

Or get your goods delivered:

We deliver around the Geelong region every weekday so have a read here of how it works!

It's super easy, and incredibly convenient for those of you a little further out from Belmont. We also have a container pick up scheme which is working really well! Feel free to chat to us about this

You can jump online and place your orders. It's too easy!

Thank you all for working with us through these challenging times!