Schulz Organic Dairy

Schulz Organic Dairy is an essential here at Valerie's! A true crowd favourite. The three generation organic farm from Timboon have the most fantastic traditional dairy, made in small batches.

We get our deliveries of Schulz products every Monday + Friday. This includes glass 1L bottles of full cream milk, 2L full cream milk, natural yoghurt in 500g + 1kg, greek yoghurt in 1kg + 500g, cream, quark and feta.

If you wish to purchase glass milk bottles, they are $4.10 for 1L, plus $2 for the deposit. You then bring the bottle back completely clean with the lid on, and swap it for a new milk. You then only pay $4.10 as your deposit carries over.

Or if you are not needing to purchase another milk we can deduct $2 off your transaction or give you $2 back. Schulz then collect the empty bottles, sterilise them and refill them. It's a system that is working so wonderfully, it's definitely worth getting involved!