Honey, Honey!

Did you know we sell bulk honey?

It is one of our most popular bulk items, and flies out the door! A huge household favourite.

We source our honey from local beekeeper, Trevor. He has around 120 hives across the Geelong region, so each batch is different. It can be from anywhere from Waurn Ponds to Wallington, or Batesford to Highton.

(Photo by Jo from Wild Social)

The honey is raw, unfiltered and seasonal. So sometimes the batches will be different colours, whether it's super yellow or a nice mellow amber colour. And depending on the season, it might have a different texture, or it might even crystallise. This is the beauty of raw honey!

We have a return scheme set up with Trevor, where he drops in a 30kg bucket of honey, we empty it into our big vat, and then he comes and picks up his bucket ready to refill again. We get our honey refills 2-3 times a week. So it's always fresh + always changing!