Beautiful Love Tea

We have been stocking the amazing Love Tea from day one! Locally owned and operated by Emma and Damien, their organic teas are an absolute staple at Valerie's.

We stock both their retail boxes, and a handful of their loose leaf teas in bulk, where you can spoon out as little or as much as you like! Coming up to the cooler months, a little bit of tea is the perfect winter remedy, don't you think?

Retail boxes: 
Loose Leaf - Breastfeeding, caffeine free chai, original chai, honey spice chai, dandelion chai, digestive tea, earl grey, english breakfast, lemongrass + ginger, green tea, womens wellness, immunity, licorice love, raspberry leaf. 
Pyramid teabags - Peppermint, skin glow, sleep, and pregnancy.

Bulk loose leaf teas - English breakfast, peppermint, lemongrass + ginger, green tea, white tea, digestive tea, chamomile, French earl grey, rooibos, calming tea, hibiscus, white rose + goji.

We also stock Love Tea's fantastic tea infusers in the mug infuser and the spring infuser.